15.04.2015, City Art Gallery, 7:00 PM

European Musical Cultures

Spanish Magic

Adriana Grekova - mezzo-soprano
Todor Petrov piano


Juan Bermudo - Tiento
Antonio de Cabezon Tiento
Juan Cabanilles - Tres versillos
Joaquin Martinez de Oxinagas - Passo sobre el octavo tono
F.Rodriguez Rondo
B.Serrano Sonata
Manuel de Falla - El amor brujo an original version for piano and mezzo-soprano
Federico Garcia Lorca - Trece canciones espanolas antiguas

Transcription for piano and voice by Todor Petrov.

Pianist Todor Petrov and mezzo-soprano Adriana Grekova, both of them performers with noteworthy career on the European music venues, offer a programme with original versions of Spanish musical masterpieces and rarely performed piano works by renaissance and baroque composers. The unifying link of this project is the all-embracing Spanish musical folklore, which inspired the work of two titans of 20 century Spanish culture composer Manuel de Falla and poet Federico Garcia Lorca. The original version for piano and mezzo-soprano of Manuel de Fallas world-famous ballet El Amor brujo (The Bewitched Love) will be performed for the first time in Bulgaria music, born out of the original flamenco tradition. Trece canciones espanolas antiguas 13 old Spanish folk songs from the period 13 15 century, compiled and processed by Federico Garcia Lorca, will be premiered in the special transcript for piano and voice by Todor Petrov. An elegant touch in the concert programme are the piano miniatures by some representatives of the Spanish renaissance and baroque culture such as Juan Bermudo, Antonio de Cabezon, Juan de Cabanillas, Joaquin Martinez de Oxinagas, etc.

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