23.04.2015, Art Gallery, 7:00 PM

Musica da camera

Rosen Idealov Ц clarinet
Svetoslav Slavchev Ц bassoon
Rostislav Yovchev Ц piano


Karl Goepfart - Trio op.75
Michail Glinka - Trio Pathetique
Johanes Brahms - Trio in a moll op.114

Three outstanding Bulgarian musicians, highly proficient in all subtleties of their respective instruments, come together in a joint project, tempted by the energy of the ensemble music-making. Their concert programme focuses on European romanticism, where the combination of soft and lyrical clarinet sound, deep and full bassoon sound, and lavish and varied piano register qualities, provoke the creative invention of a number of composers to create beautiful and noteworthy works.

Romantic narration, exalted lyrics and emotionally high pathetic mood Ц these are the pregnant underlying markers of this exquisite chamber evening. The achievements of the early Russian romanticism in the face of Mikhail Glinka and his Pathetic Trio, in combination with the sweeping and broad dramatic line of Brahms and the late music of the little-known Karl Gopfart, full of Wagner flafour, create a faithful panorama of 19 century European music with its multifaceted stylistics and melodic wealth.
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