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Elite Music Artists' Management Agency was created in 2001 with the purpose of providing professional management in the area of culture and particularly the music and performing art. Our team was formed by specialists in the area of music, art management and strategies, which constitutes a well-balanced environment, guaranteeing the successful activity of the company.

The priority in the practices of Elite Music Agency is to introduce elite Bulgarian musicians at the prestigious in terms of traditions and standard European market of music. At the same time, we have the ambition to carry out regular concert activity in Bulgaria, presenting both Bulgarian musicians and a number of eminent artists from the European stages.

Basic trends in the work of Elite Music Agency are:

  • personal management of artists (singers, instrumental players, conductors), including planning and realization of the artistic career in a long-term perspective;
  • organizing and leading tours in Bulgaria and abroad of individual artists and various kind of performance formations - chamber ensembles, orchestras, choirs, opera companies. While implementing such projects outside Bulgaria, we count very much on the partnership with artists' management agencies with similar activity in the respective country;
  • presentation of individual artists and performance formations in the program of prestigious international music festivals and other similar forums;
  • production and promotion of audio and video recordings in Bulgaria and abroad.

The leading principles in the activity of Elite Music Artists' Management Agency are: High quality of the offered product, professionalism and fair business relations, which create an atmosphere of trust between us and our partners and are the foundations for successful long-term cooperation.


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